Unlock-4 special features

  • Guidelines were released on Saturday, August 29, 2020.
  • This guideline will be applicable till 30 September. After this the guide line of Unlock-5 will be released.
  • The metro rail will start operating from 7 September.
  • From 21 September, the ban on social events (marriage, birthday etc.) will end.
    The ban on academic events, sports, entertainment, cultural programs, religious programs, should be abolished but the number of citizens involved should not exceed 100.
  • The total number of leaders and the public together in political programs should not exceed 100.
  • All types of restrictions on travel from one state to another end.
  • There is no bar for a citizen of India to go to any part of India.
  • All states must follow the guidelines.
  • The police department will monitor social distancing in shops.
  • Without the permission of the Government of India, the government of any state cannot lockdown any locality, village, containment area or city.

Advice and appeal to common citizens in Unlock-4

Follow the guideline to avoid odd situations.

  • To prevent infection, visit public places only when it is absolutely necessary.
  • Cancel the picnic plan of the weekend as much as possible.
  • Face Mask / Face Cover Essentially Continue.
  • Sanitize any item that comes inside the house.
  • Adhering to social distancing will save you from epidemics.
  • The shopkeeper will be responsible for sanitization in the shops.
  • The responsibility of sanitization in the city will be with the municipality / municipal corporation.
  • The responsibility of sanitization in rural areas will be from Gram Panchayat to Zilla Panchayat.
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